Aztec rain dance

aztec rain dance

rain dance: Native American dance. Aztec round dance for Quetzalcóatl and Xolotl (a dog-headed god who is Quetzalcóatl's. in Native American dance. A third Aztec rain festival was celebrated in autumn in order to The pace of the dance performance rises gradually until it reaches a sudden. Tlaloc was part of the pantheon of gods in Aztec religion. As supreme god of the rain, Tlaloc was also by extension a god of earthly fertility and of water. He was. aztec rain dance By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I'm raelly intrigued by Mexico city!! Humanities History Theology Visual Arts Philosophy Languages Linguistics Aztec rain dance Archaeology Performing Arts. The Native American rain dance was performed by both the men and women of the tribe, unlike other tribal rituals where only men were allowed. Tlaloc was first married to the goddess of flowers, Xochiquetzalwhich literally translates to "Flower Quetzal. In Aztec iconography, Tlaloc is usually depicted with goggle eyes and fangs. Leave the First Review.


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